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Smart Systems and Heat

Created future-proof and economic local heating solutions for the UK.

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Consumer Behaviour Study

This project was led by PRP Architects, experts in the built environment and provided insight into consumer requirements for heat and energy services

Data Management and Systems Architecture

Hitachi Europe and energy & sustainability consultants DNV Kema each worked on a £100k contract to produce two different perspectives on the data system functionality and architecture for a smart energy system

Enabling Component Technologies

This project was delivered by a consortium of partners that included Hitachi Europe, EDFEnergy, Element Energy, David Vincent & Associates and Imperial Consultants - to identify any gaps in the range of potential smart systems technologies

Integrated Electric Heating Project

The Integrated Electric Heating Project provided a modelling tool to evaluate the opportunities and challenges for electric heating to meet UK household requirements. The tool was used to create and evaluate upgrade pathways for a small number of housing archetypes informed by detailed information gathered from dwelling participating in the…

Building Retrofit

This project retrofitted five types of domestic property, identified and prioritised in an earlier ETI project focused on thermal efficiency in UK housing

EnergyPath Networks

Energy consultancy Baringa Partners designed and developed a software modelling tool for use in planning local area energy systems

EnergyPath Economics

Management consultancy Europe Economics developed a modelling framework to evaluate the wider social and economic impacts of energy transitions in a local area

EnergyPath Operations

DNV GL and a partnership of Hitachi & EDF developed the specification for an EnergyPath Operations software model to better understand the ICT and system solutions required to deliver new home heating solutions

Value Management and Delivery

This £600k project announced in February 2013 was led by Frontier Economics, a leading economic consultancy and studied how value can be delivered across a smart energy value chain

Home Energy Management System (HEMS)

This project aimed to accelerate the development of a consumer-orientated Home Energy Management System (HEMS) to give insight into consumer energy use, building and heating system performance providing a secure and flexible platform that enables others to test and develop new energy services

Consumer Insights

This project provided an understanding of consumer behaviour relating to the decisions they make on heating choice

Planning Permission

This project reviewed the existing planning policies in the UK to plan for a future smart systems and heart market

Consumer Segmentation

This project built on the preliminary segmentation developed in the Consumer Response & Behaviour Project and the Consumer Insights Project to identify how consumers buy and use energy and upgrade their boilers

Local Area Energy Planning

The EnergyPath Networks tool was demonstrated with three selected local authorities Newcastle, Bridgend and Greater Manchester Combined Authority resulting in an Area Strategy developed for all three

High Frequency Appliance Disaggregation Analysis

The High Frequency Appliance Disaggregation Analysis project analysed real world data from the ETI’s Home Energy Management System in five homes to gather detailed energy data from water, gas and electricity use


The Journey to Smarter Heat

  • Andrew Haslett
    Chief Engineer
  • 19 March 2019

Domestic Energy Services

  • John Batterbee
    Head of Architecture & Transformation, Energy Systems Catapult
  • 12 February 2018

How Can People Get The Heat They Want At Home, Without The Carbon?

  • Matthew Lipson
    Head of Consumer Insight, Energy Systems Catapult
  • 12 February 2018

Housing Retrofits - A New Start

  • Andrew Haslett
    Chief Engineer
  • 15 November 2016

Consumer challenges for low carbon heat

  • Matthew Lipson
    Head of Consumer Insight, Energy Systems Catapult
  • 10 November 2015

Decarbonising heat for UK homes

  • Jeff Douglas
    Strategy Manager at the Energy Systems Catapult
  • 20 March 2015


Consumer challenges for low carbon heat - Matt Lipson