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ETI releases new report to support the UK’s transition to low carbon domestic heating, completing Phase 1 of its Smart System and Heat programme.

19 March 2019

Andrew Haslett
Andrew Haslett Chief Engineer

As the UK’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases, the supply of domestic, industrial and commercial heat must be decarbonised if the UK is to meet its climate change targets. We believe that the scale and complexity of the transition requires an almost immediate start.

The next decade will be critical in preparing for any low carbon heating transition, with rapid implementation required from 2025 to build supply chain capability and capacity. It is important that solutions that work at the scale of large towns and small cities are demonstrated if we are to roll them out across the UK in time.

This real-world demonstration phase has already been progressed by the ESC who, building on the learnings from Phase 1, established a “living lab” of c100 homes. The ESC will release the outcomes of Phase 2 later this week, supporting the development of new business models, products, policy options and regulatory frameworks.

All deliverables from the Phase 1 of the ETI’s Smart System and Heat programme are now available on the ETI’s Knowledge Zone, continuing its commitment to supporting the acceleration of heat decarbonisation, even after its closure later this year.

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