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Carbon Capture and Storage

Built an evidence base for the implementation of CCS in the UK.

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Strategic UK CCS Storage Appraisal

The project aimed to identify the next phase of sites under the North Sea most suitable for storing CO2 emissions

Impact of Brine Production on Aquifer Storage

The Impact of Brine Production on Aquifer Storage project studied the impact of removing brine from undersea stores that could in future be used to store captured carbon dioxide.

UK Storage Appraisal Project (UKSAP)

This £4m project developed the UK's first CO2 online Storage Appraisal database.

CCS Next Generation Gas Capture Technology

Focused on post combustion looking at designs to be used on new builds or retrofitted onto Combined Cycle Gas Turbine power stations

CCS Systems Modelling Tool-Kit

A £3m project that helped support the future design, operation and roll-out of cost effective CCS systems in the UK.

CCS Mineralisation

A detailed study of availability and distribution of suitable materials to economically capture and store CO2 emissions

High Hydrogen

An advancement of the safe design and operation of gas turbines using hydrogen-based fuels.

Saline Aquifer Drilling Project with National Grid

We co-invested £2m in a National Grid project which carried out the UK’s first drilling assessment of a saline formation site for the storage of CO2.

Flexible Hydrogen Power Generation Systems

A project to increase the understanding of the economics and potential use of energy systems involving low carbon hydrogen production, storage and flexible turbine technology.

Measurement, Monitoring and Verification of CO2 Storage (MMV)

A £5.4m collaboration project to develop a marine monitoring system for underwater CCS sites.

CCS Next Generation Coal Capture Technology

A FEED Study for a CCS plant capable of capturing up to 95% of CO2 emissions from coal fired power stations.

Thermal Power with CCS

A £650k project to develop an outline scheme and ‘template’ gas power plant design, identify potential sites and build a credible cost base.

Salt Cavern Appraisal for Hydrogen Power Generation Systems

This project examined the potential for storing hydrogen and hydrogen gas mixtures underground in salt caverns, which could then be used for power generation in gas turbines when the demand for electricity is high

Next Generation Capture Technology – Benchmarking and Performance Analysis

This project provided analysis and an objective view of the techno-economic performance of a range of both current and next generation CO2 capture technologies. 

CO2 Capture Technologies Benchmark Refresh

A follow up to the “Next Generation Capture Technology – Benchmarking and Performance Analysis” project, this project refreshed and extended techno-economic studies of capture technologies used for gas fired power stations. 

Thermal Power Station with CCS scoping

This scoping project was a precursor to a wider ETI project to develop an option to build a gas fired electricity generation power station with a full CCS operation including capture, transport and offshore storage.


Taking Stock of UK CO2 Storage

  • Dennis Gammer
    Strategy Manager
  • 15 June 2017

Building the UK carbon capture and storage sector by 2030

  • George Day
    Head of Economic Strategy
  • 16 March 2015


The role of hydrogen storage in a clean responsive power system - Dennis Gammer