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Application of sustainable biomass and waste resources for flexible and affordable low carbon energy.

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Ecosystem Land-Use Modelling (ELUM)

A fieldwork and modelling project examining the impact of bioenergy crop land-use changes on soil carbon stocks and greenhouse gas emissions

Waste Gasification

A set of three projects to design and develop an efficient economically and commercially viable power plant incorporating gasification with syngas clean-up

Refining Estimates of Land Biomass (RELB)

A project to refine existing estimates of the amount of UK land available for bioenergy crops and forestry

Techno-Economic Assessment of Biomass Pre-processing

A techno-economic assessment of the costs and benefits associated with pre-processing biomass

Bioenergy Value Chain Modelling

The development of a spatial tool for the modelling and optimisation of full system bioenergy value chains over the next five decades

Biomass to Power with Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

An engineering study on biomass to power with CCS as a combined technology

Characterisation of Feedstocks

A scientific study to provide an understanding of the properties of UK-produced “2nd generation” biomass, how these vary, and the extent to which this variability can be linked to the provenance of the samples tested

Energy from Waste

An assessment of UK waste resources and how suitable wastes can be most effectively used to produce energy

Biomass Logistics in the UK

A modelling project to develop an understanding of biomass logistics requirements under different future bioenergy scenarios, identifying commonalities and differences, key decision points and actions required

Biomass Feedstock Improvement Process

A demonstration project which aimed to show how the removal of impurities and contaminated material from sustainable biomass could make bioenergy cheaper, more efficient, and deliver greenhouse gas savings

Waste Gasification Commercial Development Plant

A 1.5 MWe waste gasification power plant capable of high efficiencies and reliability.

Carbon life cycle assessment evidence analysis

An assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of past bioenergy life cycle assessment data sources, a set of carbon balance calculations for UK relevant biomass feedstocks, and identification of key knowledge gaps around available data


10 Years of Innovation - Bioenergy

Enabling UK biomass - George Day


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