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Work starts on ETI backed innovative Waste Gasification Commercial Demonstration Plant in the West Midlands

25 April 2017

Paul Winstanley
Paul Winstanley Project Manager

This project is about more than just generating clean electricity, although that is an important first step.

The SynTech Energy Centre will produce a clean, consistent high quality syngas from waste in the form of refuse derived fuel (RDF). Producing a clean high quality syngas opens up a huge variety of new opportunities in addition to making clean electricity including the generation of hydrogen, jet fuel and even plastics from wastes.

The UK paid to export 3 million tonnes of RDF to Europe in 2016. This export market is still rising and nearly 16 million tonnes of waste is landfilled of which half could be used as fuel. This technology could be used to convert waste into clean, reliable and economic heat, power, chemicals and fuels on a smaller scale where it could be used by factories, car plants, hospitals and data centres economically.