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The UK needs new or improved networks to meet both consumer’s needs and the demands of decarbonising the energy system

10 April 2017

Liam Lidstone
Liam Lidstone Strategy Manager

In the years to come the UK will change how it generates, imports and distributes energy and people will change how they use it, so it is important to address how energy is physically moved to meet consumer demands whilst adapting to a low carbon future.

The existing UK networks have evolved over time but were largely engineered to address a different set of operational challenges to those the country now faces.

Therefore choices need to be made about which networks to build, develop, maintain or decommission as well as when and where to do so and the impact should be analysed across the whole energy system and not in isolation.

Energy systems analysis undertaken by ourselves and others indicates that greater interaction between different parts of the energy system could emerge that would increase efficiency and lower investment costs. This identifies a need to develop a greater understanding of the opportunity for, and implications of moving towards integrating network operations to provide mutual long term benefits.