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The ETI develops new technology comparator tool to compare true cost of low carbon energy generation

4 July 2018

Andrew Haslett
Andrew Haslett Chief Engineer

Though the LCOE calculation is useful, it’s theoretical analysis can sometimes be misleading and hide the true system costs incurred by different technologies under different operating conditions. We therefore decided to develop a tool that will help anyone tasked with matching supply with demand at the lowest cost to consumers and society, identify the costs that would be incurred by using different technologies under changing conditions. Using the default data that comes included in the tool, users will see that deep decarbonisation of electricity production using renewables alone is more expensive than a simple LCOE analysis would suggest. The tool can also show how the relative attractiveness of various technologies changes as battery prices reduce, as well as the required scale of batteries that enable those generation technologies to become a major supplier of electricity in a fully decarbonised world. It is hoped that in creating this tool we are helping people to make more informed decisions upon an evidence base that is open and transparent to users.