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New ETI report: Investing in planting 2nd generation bioenergy crops can deliver the twin benefit of emissions reduction and job creation

8 August 2017

Hannah Evans
Hannah Evans Practice Manager, Bioenergy – Energy Systems Catapult

There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the UK’s agricultural sector as we navigate ourselves through Brexit. This report hopes to highlight again the upside benefits of an increased investment in the growth of UK bioenergy crops by demonstrating there is a twin benefit –greenhouse gas emission savings and the economic benefit of the extension and creation of agricultural jobs.

ETI’s work is based around a whole energy system analysis, which means taking a holistic approach and examining the interdependencies of decisions on the energy system. This approach also extends to the production of bioenergy feedstocks and therefore we would encourage decision makers to view the full level of benefits that can be gained from an increased planting of second generation crops from both an environmental and economic perspective.