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Baringa Partners appointed to lead new ETI bioenergy project which will examine the future of biomass logistics in the UK

24 November 2016

Andrew Thomas
Andrew Thomas Project Manager - Bioenergy

ETI’s whole energy system analysis shows that bioenergy can play a significant and valuable role in helping the UK meet its 2050 greenhouse gas emission reduction targets cost-effectively, especially when combined with Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS).

Together they can deliver net negative emissions of around 55 million tonnes a year, and meet around 10% of UK energy demand in the 2050s, ultimately reducing the cost of meeting the UK’s 2050 greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction targets by more than 1% of GDP. In the absence of CCS, bioenergy is still a cost-effective means of decarbonisation and should play an important role in meeting the 2050 emissions target.

Delivering the greatest value from bioenergy depends on the UK’s ability to source and distribute sufficient biomass from sustainable sources, either domestic or imported. While UK sourced biomass offers the greatest energy security and sustainability benefits in the longer-term, sustainably sourced biomass imports will continue to be important.

To ensure that the UK can develop a bioenergy sector that delivers genuine carbon savings, greater understanding is needed of the logistics requirements for both domestic and imported feedstocks, across different future bioenergy scenarios.

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