Technology strategy

A new approach

The ETI has a holistic approach to strategy development.  This involves considering the assembly of all the components required to make systems work in the ‘real world’ and understanding how individual technologies contribute to the performance of the UK energy system to 2050. 

This rigorous approach enables understanding of how to engineer cost-effective and robust energy systems.  The pathways to these systems are developed through the ETI’s UK Energy System Modelling tool. 
Overall, the portfolio and plan reflects three key considerations:

  • The areas where the ETI can have the greatest impact; therefore the strategy does not address every issue in the UK energy system.
  • The choices between programme areas, to ensure effective use of resources and quality of output.
  • The portfolio will develop over time and with new Members, and will be reviewed annually.

Strategic collaboration
The ETI works with the Member companies, Research Councils, Government departments, Carbon Trust, Technology Strategy Board, Committee on Climate Change and independent specialists including leading universities.  Many of these partners provide direction for the development of the programme strategy, project definition and procurement.

To view the ETI’s Programme Areas and Programme plans, please see the related documents for this page.
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