Strategic Context

The UK’s 26 million domestic dwellings account for 24% of the nations CO2 emissions. Significant reductions in energy demand can be made at the same time as increasing occupant comfort through the application of whole house insulation measures.

Programme Aim

  • Develop intervention strategies for a range of housing types.
  • Produce a prioritised list of product and process technology gaps whose solution through further projects would have the most significant impact on CO2 reduction & customer value.
  • Assess the enhanced benefits that can be achieved should these intervention strategies be implemented, towards the UKs 2020/2050 targets.

Project summaries

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Building Supply Chain for Mass Refurbishment of Houses

Project summary lead image Building Supply Chain for Mass Refurbishment of Houses

ETI Investment


Date announced

August 2010

Completion date

Summer 2012

Project Partners

  • BRE
  • EDF Energy
  • Peabody
  • PRP
  • Total Flow
  • UCL
  • Wates


This project is designing a supply chain solution to improve the energy efficiency of the vast majority of the 26 million UK homes which will still be in use by 2050.

It is looking to identify ways in which the refurbishment and retrofitting of existing residential properties can be accelerated by industrialising the processes of design, supply and implementation, while stimulating demand from householders by exploiting additional opportunities that come with extensive building refurbishment.

The project will develop a top-to-bottom process, using a method of analysing the most cost-effective package of measures suitable for a particular property, through to how these will be installed with the minimum disruption to the householder. This includes identifying the skills required of the people on the ground as well as the optimum material distribution networks to supply them with exactly what is required and when.


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