19 October 2012

ETI Project partner GL Garrad Hassan launch WaveDyn

GL Garrad Hassan launch WaveDyn – a wave energy converter performance and loading design tool .

WaveDyn is the first fully coupled software platform for the design of wave energy converters. The software enables users to conduct a series of performance and loading calculations for wave energy converter designs. It is an output from PerAWAT - a project commissioned and funded by the ETI and delivered by a consortium of GL Garrad Hassan, EDF Energy, E.ON, The University of Edinburgh, University of Oxford, Queen's University Belfast and The University of Manchester.  PerAWAT is a project focused on producing tools capable of accurately estimating the energy yield of major wave and tidal stream energy converters  to help accurately assess the cost of energy production.

For more information on WaveDyn visit the GL Hassan website or view this brochure

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