Becoming a partner

Your company may become involved in the Energy Technologies Institute as a full Industry Member, a Programme Associate or a Project Partner.

Industry Members 

  • Have access to a potential £1 billion, 10-year technology programme for an investment of £50M (£5M per annum).
  • Focus on deriving value from linkage and synergies with other Industry Members, UK Government groups and ETI funded project teams.
  • Gain access to new low carbon technologies, skills and capabilities.
  • Have first mover/early adopter opportunity - in UK Energy markets and beyond.
  • Secure early engagement in UK energy policy discussions.

Programme Associates 

Have rights similar to Industry Members, except they apply to a specific Programme.

  • Are involved in key programme governance groups - Strategy Advisory Group (SAG) and Programme Management Board – engaging in and advising on:
    • Programme structure and investment strategy
    • Technical areas
    • Funding levels
    • IP arrangements
    • Programme management approaches and outcome analysis
  • May participate in the ETI Technical Committee when topics from the relevant Programme are discussed.
  • Pay and agreed annual gate fee:
    • From date of entry/Agreement.

Project Partner / Project Participant / Consortium Participant

  • Level of investment (if any) depends on the project.
  • Involved in a specific project, works with the ETI to set goals and deliverables.
  • Receives ETI funds against milestones achieved.
  • Opportunity to participate in large-scale ambitious projects; typical funds expected to be £5m-£30million.
  • Has the potential to own IP and other developments from that project.
  • Can access the capabilities of the ETI Members and Associates: skills, technology, services, market access .
  • Has ongoing partnership with the ETI through the relevant ETI Programme Manager.

If your organisation would like to discuss becoming an Industry Member or Programme Associate, please contact us.